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An emerging insurance company serving Rancho Cordova, CA, for a number of years. We have taken pride in providing the best insurance services for your better, protected, and planned life.

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We understand how you feel while thinking that you’ll pass one day leaving your family alone. Their future financial might also disturb you. To take care of your today’s stress and your family’s future after you, we offer the best personalized insurance packages that are both reliable and budget-friendly.


Best Life Insurance Services In Rancho Cordova CA, has the best possible insurance solutions for you. Buying any of them can give you a big relief for sure. Contact us today and your desired insurance.

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What We Offer

We are an emerging life insurance company that understands your position being the head of a family. We strive to provide our clients with the best suitable life insurance policies that have the potential to get your family’s financial future secured and planned.   

Along with life insurance, we are also offering burial and final expenses. In this time burial or funeral is pretty expensive. With the sorrow of losing someone loved, the final expenses can also become a burden a your shoulders. At that time we will be there at your side covering those final expenses.

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  • Your protection can never be cancelled
  • Your rates can never be increased
  • Your benefits can never be reduced
  • Immediate benefits from the very first day
  • You choose the plan and payment method that best fits your needs

What We Aim To Do


We aim to become a leading life insurance company and ensure your family’s safety in the financial ups and downs that might result in the event you pass.


Our mission is to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction with our policies and by ensuring their family’s secure future. After you, we will give your family a financially protected and planned life.


Our goal is to cover your wife and children from the financial crisis (debts, dues, and living expenses) that might arise if something happens to you.

Our Team

Our company is totally based on our team They are well-trained and qualified professionals who strive to support our customers when needed. They are experienced enough to provide you with the best possible insurance solutions according to your current financial status.


If you are willing to get any of our services, feel free to contact us. Our support agents are super friendly and polite. They will listen to you carefully and provide you with accurate answers that will definitely resolve your query.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Burial Insurance?

Burial insurance takes care of all the expenses concerning the funeral and burial process. Mostly people get themselves bonded with burial insurance so that their final expenses won’t be a burden on their family.

What is Life Insurance?

It is a whole life insurance. In the event you pass, the insurance company pays your family a handful amount to cover the future financial expenses and crisis.  

What is Final Expense Insurance?

It is a whole life insurance that covers your medical billing for your whole life and it will also cover the funeral expenses on the day you pass.

What does burial insurance cover?

It is a whole life insurance. It covers all the expenses that occur during the funeral and burial.

How much does it cost to insure a burial?

In order to ensure a burial, one has to pay approximately $50-$100 on a monthly basis.  

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When I reached there, the agents were very professional. They explained to me every single option I had according to my budget. Highly recommended!

The customer service was awesome. I truly believe I can rely on them when my family seeks their professional assistance.

Just purchased the final expense insurance. Their staff was very responsive and answered thoroughly to my every single question.

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Sacramento Burial Insurance

We serve to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction with our policies and by ensuring their family’s secure future. After you, we will give your family a financially protected and planned life by providing burial, final expenses, and the best life insurance services in Rancho Cordova CA.


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