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We know how to handle hiccups, project milestones, and budget plans, with our extensive knowledge and project management skills, to complete your project as scheduled. As the best general contractor in Mount Pleasant SC, we can help to manage your project while avoiding costly downtime and delays.

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What we Aim to Do

Our Vision

We envision building long-lasting relationships with our clients while maintaining the quality and integrity of our business. And consistently enhance our market knowledge and management skills.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the most preferred choice for general contracting and remodeling projects. And to be recognized as the industry leader in general contracting in Mount Pleasant SC.

Our Goals

Ensure business growth by establishing new strategies, organizing sub-plans, and adapting advanced technology. And foster enduring relationships by following project codes and ethics.

Our Services

First Response Moving

Moving Local

Planning to give an enchanting look to the interior or exterior of your property? Then our qualified painters can help.

Moving Furniture

Need to upgrade or boost the overall look and functionality of your kitchen or bathroom? Then remodeling is a perfect match.

Packing unpacking

Need to accommodate a large family or need some extra space to manage things easily? The room addition is the best option.

Best Moving services

From the idea phase to the finished product, we strive to maintain safety, minimize damage to your property, communicate with subcontractors, handle permits, manage budget and timelines to avoid unnecessary costs, and ensure on-time project completion. We know all the ins and outs of remodeling projects. So, from planning to final cleanup, we ensure to make it free of injuries and liabilities.

As the top remodeling contractor in Mount Pleasant South Carolina, we have years of experience and knowledge in building codes, choosing appropriate materials, selecting proper construction and remodeling methods, and taking safety precautions to complete the projects as envisioned. We offer the best painting services, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, refinishing drywall installation, and professional general contracting services in Mount Pleasant SC. So, schedule an appointment and let us do the magic.

Ask Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a contractor to remodel my bathroom?

Fill out the given form to request a quote. And you can also call or email us, given on the website, to discuss your kitchen or bathroom remodeling requirements in detail.

How to choose a contractor for kitchen remodeling?

Kindly have a look at our customer reviews and ratings. You can also contact us to know more about our schedule and budget requirements to make an adequate decision about choosing us.

Can a general contractor remodel a full home?

Yes, besides general contracting, we can also remodel your home or bathroom in Mount Pleasant SC. We have an extensive experience of more than 28 years and we can handle any challenging remodeling task.

Should I repair my rental properties or hire a contractor?

Repairing the property on your own can lead to various injuries or damages. As a professional general contractor in Mount Pleasant SC, we suggest you use our services to avoid unnecessary costs and damages.

What is the best way to find a great general contractor?

If you’re looking for the best general contractors in Mount Pleasant SC, then you can search “best general contractor near me” or you can simply get in touch with us to get the most professional and affordable general contracting services.


Why Choose Us?

Expert Staff

Our expert and qualified staff can tackle any remodeling challenge. So, no matter if your project is small or large, we can handle it.

100% Satisfaction

We use advanced tools and techniques with extensive knowledge tailored to your specific needs for guaranteed satisfaction.

About Us

We started this business in 1994 and have 28+ years of experience. We specialize in floor finishing, room addition, cabinetry, carpentry, drywall installation, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, painting, and general contracting. We ensure our customers a hassle-free process with 100% satisfaction. So, if you are looking for the best general contractor in Mount Pleasant SC, then you’re at the right spot. Get in touch with us to materialize your contracting or remodeling dream quickly.

Our Testimonials

What Our Clients Says About Us

iPro Contractors is by far the best general contractor I have ever hired. Their team is very talented and well-mannered. It was an amazing experience working with them.

I was amazed by their work, it was exceptional. They were very quick and efficient and I never needed to worry about anything, they took care of it all. Love their services.

I needed a general contractor because I lacked the time to manage a remodeling project in my home. So, I hired iPro Contractors, and it was the best choice I've ever made.

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