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At Notary Active in Boston, MA, our experienced professionals offer comprehensive notary services that meet the specific requirements of your documents with care, precision and efficiency.

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Our efficient notary services simplify notarization processes for quick and accurate results, respecting your time and providing swift yet hassle-free solutions for all your notary requirements.

High-Quality Services

Notary Active offers high-quality notarial services at competitive rates without breaking the bank. We believe in cost-cutting solutions without compromising professionalism or excellence, making Notary Active an affordable notary provider!


Notary Active prides itself on being a reliable notary services to safeguard documents and legal needs. We make sure your task is meant with undeniable persistence and dedication. Any document that is a under our supervision completely safe and confidential.

First Time Customers

Notary Active with us for the first time and take advantage of an irresistibly generous discount of 10% for your initial service! Notary Active appreciates your trust, offering this special treat as our thank-you gesture for choosing us as your notarial provider.

Why Is a Notary Important in the Modern Era?

Notary services play an essential role in safeguarding authenticity, legality and security for various documents in the modern era. Notarization gives documents legal weight and serves as evidence in court proceedings, whether that document be a contract, real estate transaction, will, etc. Notarization ensures its legality. Notaries are trained to detect and deter fraud, thereby decreasing identity theft, forgery and unauthorized modifications. Moreover, documents certified as notarized are recognized internationally, allowing cross-border transactions and legal matters to occur efficiently and smoothly. Finally, loans, mortgages and financial agreements often necessitate notarization to protect all parties and ensure everyone’s best interests.

With digital technologies rapidly emerging as tools of convenience and security, Notary Active now offers electronic notarization services as part of their package for additional ease and protection.

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Mobile Notary

Certifiet Documents

Divorce Papers

Why Are We the Leading Notary Services Provider In Boston, MA?

Notary Active is proud of being recognized as an industry leader in notary services in Boston for various compelling reasons. First of all, our team offers unparalleled expertise in notary services, guaranteeing that each document is handled professionally and accurately. At our notary firm, customer satisfaction and convenience come first – offering mobile notary services directly to your location to save time and effort. 

From certified documents and divorce paperwork to printing, scanning and shipping solutions, we offer our full suite of notary solutions under one roof. Moreover, we strive to offer top-quality notary services at competitive rates so they are accessible without compromising the quality. Your time is valuable, and we recognize this by working swiftly and efficiently to notarize and deliver documents as soon as they come our way. Notarized documents issued from Notary Active are known for being legal and genuine – essential components in today’s complex legal world.

What we Aim to Do

Our Vision

At our notary services provider in Boston, MA, our vision is to become the go-to provider offering innovative, accessible, and convenient solutions that set industry benchmarks of excellence and professionalism.

Our Goal

Our goal at Notary Active is to provide the highest standard of notary services, ensuring the authenticity and legality of your important documents while prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

At Notary Solutions of Boston, MA, we aim to serve our clients with dedication, precision, and integrity. We specialize in streamlining notary processes while offering services tailored to meet our client's needs efficiently and affordably. These notaries stand out by being highly affordable while remaining effective notary services available in Boston, MA.

Some of our Notary Services in Bostan, MA

At Notary Active, we take great pleasure in the diversity of services we offer and in upholding excellence through each core offering we deliver:

  1. Mobile Notary Service: For maximum convenience, our mobile notary service brings notarization right to you – be it home, office or public place – promptly and accurately notarizing documents as quickly and precisely as possible.
  2. Notarization of Certified Documents: Our firm specializes in notarizing certified documents to guarantee their legal authenticity and meet legal requirements. Our skilled notaries meticulously handle various kinds of accredited copies by legal standards.
  3. Divorce Papers: Navigating divorce proceedings can be complex. Notary Active makes this easier by accurately notarizing your papers to help ensure a seamless transition into your new life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I arrange my notary appointment outside regular business hours?

Our flexible appointment options include evening and weekend times to fit any scheduling need.

What types of certified documents can be notarized by you?

We offer notary services for various certified documents, including birth certificates, academic transcripts and legal affidavits.

Do you offer electronic notarization services for remote clients?

Yes, our electronic notarization services make meetings without in-person visits more efficient for them.

To ensure an efficient notary appointment, what items should I bring to ensure a smooth experience?

Please bring a valid form of ID and all documents to be notarized and anyone involved with them – this way, ensure an uninterrupted notary appointment process.

How soon can I have my document notarized in an urgent situation?

Our priority is expedited requests – contact us now if you require prompt notarization services! We look forward to serving your document needs quickly!

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What Our Clients Say About Us

"Notary Active was there when I needed help quickly notarizing documents, providing efficient and professional mobile notary services right at my door - making the whole experience hassle free and making my process very straightforward! Highly recommend their services!"

"Notary Active is far beyond my expectations! Their expertise in processing certified documents and legal paperwork was unsurpassable, while notarization process ran efficiently thanks to their team's dedication for accuracy and security - I trust them with all my notary needs!"

"Notary Active is hands down the best notary service in Boston. Their expertise notarized my divorce papers with precision, helping me through what was otherwise an unpleasant process. Their professionalism and affordability make them my go-to choice when I require notary services."

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