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A leading insurance company you can completely rely on with the future of your spouse and children. We have already secured numerous families, get yours also secured with us.   

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The first step to applying for and buying insurance is to choose a policy that suits your budget. Our agents will help you with that by providing a number of options.

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After you decide what policy to choose, the next step will be getting a quote for that. In order to get a quote, you may visit our website or contact our customer support and they will guide you through.

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After getting the quote you have to apply for the insurance and buy it. Our agents will be there at your side at every step to guide you with the procedures.

Who We Are

We are the helping hand that will assist you with the funeral expenses of your loved one. We understand how it feels to lose someone you loved, and on top of the sorrows, the final expenses bother you even more.


Let us be at your side and we will provide you relief from one side at least. If you are looking for life, burial, or final expense insurance, consider us at your side. We have the potential to stay by your side when you lose someone loved or by your family when they lose you.

Our Services

Life Insurance

Burial Insurance

Final Expense Insurance

What We Offer

A leading insurance company that aims to give you and your family financial relief when you lose someone. With us, the financial future of your family is completely secured. You would definitely feel confident that you have taken the right step for your family. We offer our clients with the following insurances:

  • Life Insurance
  • Burial Insurance
  • Final Expense Insurance

Contact our customer support, they will guide you will all the insurance options and the procedures to apply for and buy your desired insurance.


  • Your protection can never be cancelled
  • Your rates can never be increased
  • Your benefits can never be reduced
  • Immediate benefits from the very first day
  • You choose the plan and payment method that best fits your needs

What We Aim To Do


Our vision is to ensure the financial security of every future in Elk Grove, CA.


Our mission is to stay at our insurance holders’ side and look after their financial needs whenever they need it the most.


Our goal is to cover your family from the financial crisis (debts, dues, and living expenses) that they might have to face as a result if something happens to you.

Our Team

Our team is full of a professional who knows everything about the policies, their pros, and rewards. They cater to our clients with the best possible insurance solutions. These options are totally based on clients’ budgets. These agents take our clients step-by-step leading to complete insurance. They provide the necessary information regarding payments and other queries.


If you’re also looking to get insured or have any queries regarding getting insured, contact us and our customer support will guide you in a detailed way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to get burial insurance or life insurance?

Burial insurance takes care of all the expenses that occur in the funeral and burial process. On the other hand life insurance provides your family a handy amount and secures them. Hence, life insurance is much better as it kind of cover all the funeral expense too.

How long does burial insurance last?

It is a whole life insurance. It lasts until you last.

What is Final Expense Insurance?

It is a whole life insurance that covers your medical billing for your whole life and it will also cover the funeral expenses on the day you pass.

Can I write off funeral expenses on taxes?

For taxpayers, funeral expenditures aren’t tax deductible. In short, you are not allowed to deduct the funeral costs from your tax returns.

What happened to the money left after all the funeral expenses were covered?

In case there are some leftovers from the funeral money, it is returned to the family.

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They made the application and purchasing process pretty easy. Their genuine care for their clients was exceptional

The customer service was awesome. I truly believe I can rely on them when my family seeks their professional assistance.

It’s a big relief when I know that my family will taken care of by such a reputed and helping company when my time comes.

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Sacramento Burial Insurance

We strive to cover your family from the financial crisis by providing full life insurance, burial insurance, and funeral Insurance Services In Elk Grove, CA. We will secure them with the remaining debts, dues, and living expenses that they might have to face as a result if something happens to them.


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