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I will help you find your dream home or sell your existing one. I will negotiate on your behalf and handle all the ins and outs of your real estate transaction. So, if you’re looking to sell your property or find one at a good price then you have found the most trusted premium real estate agent in Sewalls Point FL.

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You can get a free consultation service if you have any questions or issues.

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I will always be by your side to solve any problems that you may face.

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World-class and affordable services to assist you throughout the transaction.

Reliable Real Estate Agent in Sewalls Point FL

Hiring a realtor is a common practice among home sellers and buyers all over the world. Almost 89% of homeowners use a real estate agent when handling a real estate transaction. Because an agent can make the process so much easier for you. Agents handle all the hard work and take care of everything on the behalf of their clients, they even represent their clients in negotiation. So, if you also want to buy, sell, rent or invest in properties in Sewalls Point FL, then I can help you a lot. I have years of experience in the industry and my clients have always been happy with my services. I will work hard and do my best to make your real estate experience as seamless as possible. Just give me a call, share your requirements with me and I will handle everything for you.

What I will do for you?

Our Mission

Our mission is to become one of the most reliable and trustworthy real estate agents in Sewalls Point FL.

Our Vision

I envision the best real estate experience for you, so I work hard to make your experience as seamless as possible.

Our Goals

My goal is to help my clients in finding their dream houses or sell their existing ones at reasonable prices.

Experienced Real Estate Agent in Sewalls Point FL

I have worked in the real estate market for the past many years. I am a highly skilled and creative real estate agent in Sewalls Point Fl. My working experience, dedication to work, and cooperation with the clients make me unique. I will try to keep you notified of the market tactics and ways you can adopt them for a better experience. You can get in touch with me and hire me whether you want to buy a new property or sell the old one. I will assist you throughout the process. You will see, that you can not find better services than me. Just give me a call and let me assist you in buying and selling properties in Sewalls Point FL.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I find some problems with the property I bought?

Don’t worry, my expert team is always here to assist you even after the purchase.

Can you find buyers for my property?

Yes, I can find reliable buyers for your property in Sewalls Point. Get in touch with me to know more about it.

Will you assist me to handle the paperwork?

Yes, I will assist you to understand the contents of all the paperwork that you are going to handle.

What if I have no idea about the process, will you be able to help me?

It does not matter if you are a first-time buyer/seller or an experienced one, my top-notch real estate services are helpful for all of you.

About Us

I am Dana Kibbey, an experienced and skilled real estate agent in Sewalls Point FL. I am known for my superior service, professionalism, and strong negotiation skills. I strive to make your real estate experience as seamless as possible. It does not matter if you require a house or want to sell one, I will always be by your side in guiding you throughout the process. I have years of experience in the industry and I have worked with many of clients over the years. My clients have always been satisfied with my work and keep coming back to me for new projects. So, if you want to sell or buy properties in this area, then make sure to give me a call and I will not only assist you in the process but also offer a free consultation.

Dana Kibbey

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Top-notch Services

My reputation is built on providing the most exceptional real estate agent services. So, you can be assured to get the best services possible.

100% Satisfaction

I provide reliable and affordable real estate agent services in Sewalls Point. And, customer satisfaction is my main objective.

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Michael Grogan

Dana Kibbey had been dedicated to my family and I since the day we met and I told her we need to find a home. She was determined to find us the perfect home. With my budget and an FHA loan, most other realtors I have irked with gave up or did it make time for us. Very knowledgeable and persistent, also a great person all around.


Very personable, helpful, went above and beyond and exceed our expectations. She was very flexible and accommodating and attentive to our needs. Her recommendation for a mortgage lender was outstanding and stayed on top of our loan throughout the entire process. So excited to be first time home owners and get settled in our new home!! We highly recommend Dana Kibbey as a phenomenal realtor and is very knowledgeable of the local Jensen Beach area!!

Canan Brooks

Dana was committed to what was best for me and not just in it for the money. Dana sat with me through inspections, and asked the inspectors the right questions for me. She was patient each tine she showed us a house and she showed us several. She provided me comfort throughout the home buying process. I have already made a recommendation to one of my friends that is selling his home and I will use her for all recommendations in the future. It was a a blessing to receive Dana’s services…

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Dana Kibbey – Beach Front Mann Realty is one of the most reliable and trustworthy real estate agents in Sewalls Point FL.


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